Rob Ford: A Case Study in Emotional Abuse: One Man’s Attempt to Turn a City Sideways (Paperback)


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MAKING IT MORE DIFFICULT FOR OFFENDERS TO ESCAPE ACCOUNTABILITY! Krumins’ first book “The Detrimental Effects of Emotional Abuse”, since its publication in 2012, has helped victims of domestic violence and their families, as well as the professionals who work in the field of Emotional Abuse and its relatable types of abuses, i.e. Elder Abuse, to understand the strategy offenders use to commit their crimes in varying degrees. It’s one thing to offer a practical step-by-step guide, it’s another to actually be able to offer everyone a chance to see how they do it in a real life situation. This study on Ford shows everyone, to the detriment of so many on an international scale, how he was able to escape accountability, no matter what happened, by simply using a standard strategy and very simple tricks that no one really notices they’re using. Where the book discusses how they do it, this case study makes you see how offenders, like Ford, know how to seize the moment and how best to take advantage of and how to encroach on people’s personal emotional barriers as they undermine the trust people place in them, and how they gain dominance over them, without any objections and without anyone being cognizant of what they are doing. For millions of victims who have experienced living or working with an abusive individual, and for even more who are going through situations like Elder Abuse in their families, this offers a chance to find solace in gaining clarity from this study about how they were deceived by a loved one and that what happened to them could not have been prevented. In order to survive it, one would have had to know what to look for. For all concerned, this case study offers everyone the chance to keep one step ahead of the offender by just knowing what and how they do what they do. About the author: Gunta Krumins lives in Canada and is the world’s foremost expert on Emotional Abuse, specializing in investigative research and case management of Emotional Elder Abuse cases. Drawing upon her past experiences, Krumins wrote The Detrimental Effects of Emotional Abuse in order to end domestic violence and Emotional Elder Abuse. In her book, she relates to us how complicated and convoluted Emotional Abuse can be and helps us understand what motivates an abusive person and how they manage to conceal themselves and evade the law while destroying the lives of those they target. In order to manage either, one must first understand what Emotional Abuse truly is.

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Rob Ford: A Case Study in Emotional Abuse: One Man's Attempt to Turn a City Sideways (Paperback)