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Why a Book about Factoring Case Studies? While factoring offers excellent return on investment for entrepreneurs who buy other companies? invoices, the road factors travel is laden with land mines. The best way to recognize the dangers (short of being a factor for years) is to read as many true stories as you can about real-life people. Factoring Case Studies offers exactly that. Jeff Callender has been a factor for two decades and has his share of stories to tell; some are included here. Over the years he has written numerous books, articles, and ebooks for small business owners, factoring brokers, and other factors. Those hired to work for factoring companies are often given his books and ebooks as required reading. The Small Factor Series The Small Factor Series includes five titles, all available from Amazon and the Kindle Store. The books include: 1. Factoring Wisdom: A Preview to Buying Receivables 2. Fundamentals for Factors 3. How to Run a Small Factoring Business 4. Factoring Case Studies (2nd Edition) 5. Marketing Methods for Small Factors & Brokers Factoring Case Studies, 2nd Edition Factoring Case Studies, subtitled Essential Lessons from 30 Real Factoring Clients, includes contributions from Jeff and seven other factors who have been in the business for years. You?ll enjoy 12 colorful case studies of good, desirable clients, and explanations of what makes them valuable. You?ll shake your head (often in disbelief) at 18 case studies of really bad experiences ? and appreciate the suggestions offered to avoid such disasters. Every person and company described in this book are absolutely real, and not a single experience or action is made up. However, every person’s name and business name have obviously been changed to protect the guilty (and the author). Many monikers will no doubt bring you a smile, if not a good laugh. 4 sample case studies among the 30 include: ? Garrett Gogetter, who overcame several setbacks to begin factoring his receivables, and how doing so has enabled him to grow his business steadily and profitably. ? Dee Seetful, who trained startup and nonprofit companies to follow proper regulations and business ethics. She then re-directed the first payment due her factor and quietly disappeared. ? Stewart Stalwart, owner of Stalwart Security, a solid, steady, and long-term client. Incredibly, he has factored his receivables for years without a single problem. ? Hyden Sneek, owner of Mr. Scumbucket Janitorial, who factored successfully for years until he started stealing factored payments. His saga is a great lesson in client oversight and how the justice system works. From the Author? People sometimes ask which book is my favorite among those I?ve written. Without hesitation I say, ?Factoring Case Studies.? While factoring involves business, numbers, calculations, and money, at its very core it’s about people. You can’t factor without working with individuals on a daily basis, and you soon find what clients are really like when you deal with their money. There is no better way to learn what it is to be a factor than to read about first-person experiences with specific clients. That’s what Factoring Case Studies provides, page after page. The stories are educational, entertaining, serious, and hard to believe, all at the same time. If you are thinking about going into factoring at any level ? as a factor, a factor’s employee, or a factoring broker ? you must read this book! It is will give you numerous insights about clients? thinking and actions, field work-level experience, and plenty of good laughs. It’s my favorite! -Jeff Callender

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