5 ways technology can help schools meet CDC guidelines this fall

5 ways technology can help schools meet CDC guidelines this fall

As schools ponder reopening, administrators are searching for tools to help them ensure schools align with CDC reopening parameters

Administrators across the country are preparing schools to reopen this fall, and they have a lot to consider in the wake of COVID-19. In order to best protect both students and staff, the CDC has presented a list of guidelines for schools to open safely and effectively. Many of these guidelines can be met and make for a smoother transition with the use of technology.

Communication portal

The CDC has recommended the use of a communication system for “staff and families [to] self-report to the school if they or their student have symptoms of COVID-19, a positive test for COVID-19, or were exposed to someone with COVID-19 within the last 14 days,” as well as for “Notifying staff, families, and the public of school closures and any restrictions in place to limit COVID-19 exposure.”

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A communication portal is an efficient and effective way to meet these recommendations and go beyond. With a communication portal, staff, parents, and students are provided a login to view important information directly from the school. Administrators can use this platform to share updates and news with students and their families, as well as educate parents on other CDC recommended information, such as when it’s appropriate that their children remain at home, how to teach students proper hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette, and to suggest the use of face coverings.


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